Say it with a T-SHIRT

WHATEVER your gender or age, the chances are you've probably owned a T-shirt at some point in your life. T-SHIRT - Cult, Culture and Subversion is an exhibition looking at the history of this understated garment and how its used for personal expression.

Looking at a extensive collection of t-shirt designs, the exhibition explores how they are used as a communicative tool covering topics such as protest, propaganda, gender, sexuality, ethics, music, art, fashion and branding. There is a look  into the garments history and the different techniques used to create them, before  thinking about the  future of fashion and how the concept of the t-shirt is evolving.

T-SHIRT: Cult, Culture and Subversion is a thought provoking exhibition that makes you think about how people want to be perceived and how t-shirts can help express that . L

T-SHIRT runs at the Fashion and Textile Museum, London until the 6th May 2018. Check out the website for more information here.