New Talent: Commissioning grads

Urbanism by Ruby Martin

Urbanism by Ruby Martin

Cross-disciplinary design by Lorna Jameson

Cross-disciplinary design by Lorna Jameson

Art for arts sake by Jack Sinnott

Art for arts sake by Jack Sinnott

RECENTLY I was faced with a problem - I had to commission a monthly illustration for my magazine on a very tight budget. After a small amount time of calling in favours with artists I'd previously worked with I decided to take a different approach...

One night I was at my old University's grad show private view when I had a great idea. How about turning this monthly illustration into a platform where new talent could showcase their work? It could be used to give emerging illustrators a chance to be published professionally and to add to their portfolio.

Sure, it's meant a little more work for me, scouting grad shows for new talent, planning ahead so I can allow them a little extra time than an experienced illustrator or a spending a few extra minutes writing a more detailed brief, but on the whole its been totally worth it. Every graduate I've worked with hasn't disappointed and I am always excited to see what they've come up with!

Not only that, but I've found the graduates I've commissioned professional, willing to give 100% and excited for a paid published opportunity. I also feel like I've built some talented connections for the future.

Here's a couple I've commissioned so far. I hope other people will be inspired to give new talent a chance -  I'd gladly commission either of these artists again! L



Say it with a T-SHIRT

WHATEVER your gender or age, the chances are you've probably owned a T-shirt at some point in your life. T-SHIRT - Cult, Culture and Subversion is an exhibition looking at the history of this understated garment and how its used for personal expression.

Looking at a extensive collection of t-shirt designs, the exhibition explores how they are used as a communicative tool covering topics such as protest, propaganda, gender, sexuality, ethics, music, art, fashion and branding. There is a look  into the garments history and the different techniques used to create them, before  thinking about the  future of fashion and how the concept of the t-shirt is evolving.

T-SHIRT: Cult, Culture and Subversion is a thought provoking exhibition that makes you think about how people want to be perceived and how t-shirts can help express that . L

T-SHIRT runs at the Fashion and Textile Museum, London until the 6th May 2018. Check out the website for more information here.

London Design Festival

THIS year was the first time I went along to the London Design Festival. Its runs annually for 9 days in September and showcases all different types of design at various locations across the city. I spend most of my weekend and evening after working, running around the city exploring as much as was possible. Here's some of my pics from the weekend. L

To find out more about the London Design Festival visit their website

The Design Museum

Interior shots of the musem

Interior shots of the musem

THE Design Museum reopened in its new home in Kensington at the end of last year. The new building, the former Commonwealth Institute has been designed by architect John Pawson.

The building itself is stunning, when you walk in you really get the wow factor. Light, modern and airy, it creates an inspirational and harmonious atmosphere. There are plenty of seating and places to work, people were sat sketching on benches built into the walls and stairs. In addition there are conference rooms, a restaurant and coffee shop, all of which could be used for an informal meeting.

Entry to the museum is free and they have a large free permanent exhibition, Designer, Maker, User which explores 20th and 21st Century design across many different disciplines. There's also free pop up displays and a main ticketed exhibition space on the basement level.

Overall I think its a fantastic inspirational place for people to visit and I can't help think how lucky London's creatives are to have such a fantastic free resource. I would highly recommend a visit to anyone interested in design or enjoys thinking outside the box. I will definitely be visiting regularly, whether it be in search of some design inspiration or just somewhere to sit and work. See you there!  L

More information can be found on the Design Museum website.