London Fashion Week Mens SS18

JUNE 17 marked the 5th anniversary of London Fashion Week Men's, with events taking place all over Central London. From the shows to the collections themselves, this years effort was at an all time high and I came away not only inspired but excited for the future of Mens Fashion Week.

Collection Presentations Highlights
The previews for SS18 were really imaginative, at every presentation I found myself transported into a completely different scene that told a story about the designer or the collection. 

Barbour International turned Soho's Vinyl Factory into a high fashion take of a workshop, reflecting their rich motorcycling heritage. We were taken from the brands beginning in 1936 through to present day ending with the 2018 collection. There was a motorbike workshop where custom motorcycles were being built plus plenty of models showcasing their SS18 collection. Attendees were treated to a Barbour International t-shirt with a number representing a milestone in the brands history, my number '64' representing the year Steve McQueen wore the A7 International Jacket in the 1964 ISDT.

SS18 Collection Nigel Cabowin

SS18 Collection Nigel Cabowin

Held in The VaultsHarrys of London presentation transported the us from the cityscape of London to a magical forest via private jet - yes really take a look at my photos above. Showcasing their huge collection of shoes and luggage the collection came in a wide array of pastel colours and florals matching the detail of the forest scene at the presentation. This was by far the most creative and elaborate preview I've seen at LFWM and I was blown away by the attention to detail.

Not all the previews were so elaborate, Nigel Cabowin had a traditional style presentation but gave it an urban twist using the street outside to create a flash mob catwalk that really complemented the feel of the collection. Press and tourists flocked around taking pictures and it really created a buzz of excitement and glamour to the streets of London.

Favourite Catwalk Show
Making the most of the surprisingly sunny British summer, John Smedly held their show outdoors just off Piccadilly Circus. Precision/Fluidity was the name and it really reflected the collection with its flowing fabrics, organic patterns and fish prints. The invite featured the main pattern from the collection in a foiled effect and even had little plastic fish (matching the clothing print) that fell out when you opened it. Having a show outside was perhaps a little risky weatherise but the risk paid off and the result was was stunning.

Overall Thoughts...
I found the men's collections a lot more playful this season experimenting with colour, patterns and using more feminine elements. The last time I went to London Fashion Week Men's the events were predominately held at 180 Strand (LFW's home). Now spread all over the West End, I feel this allowed designers to better set the scene in a more creative and expressive way. The amount of thought that went into every detail from the invites to promotional items is incredible. Of course another bonus of being at different venues was we got to enjoy a bit of the good weather and had great fun walking around some of Central London's most famous landmarks, even in high heels! I'm looking forward to London Fashion Week in September already! L

Visit the London Fashion Week Men's website here to find out more about the designers and see their collections in full.